About Us

In the beginning

Phoenix Environmental Sciences was formed in 2008 during the chaotic productivity of the mining boom.

In realising his goal of establishing an environmental consultancy, Jarrad Clark joined forces with Karen Crews who was looking for a new challenge after a number of years in the public service. They quickly discovered they had the same work ethic and drive, and complementary skill sets.

Within the first two years, they had grown Phoenix to include seven full-time staff and a reliable casual workforce.

Building the business

As a small consultancy initially focused on terrestrial and subterranean fauna and aquatic invertebrates, Phoenix was looking for ways to expand its business and better service its clients. Phoenix recognised it needed highly experienced biologists with impeccable scientific credentials to compete against well-established businesses. But they didn't want another employee; they wanted an owner who would stand the test of time. 

Dr Volker Framenau was our first choice. He commenced his involvement with Phoenix during an SRE study in one of the jewels of the South-West, Fitzgerald River National Park in 2010. He joined Phoenix on a full-time basis the following year and became a Director in 2012.

Growing into botany

A year later, it became apparent that Phoenix needed to expand its service offering to include botanical surveys and rehabilitation work, a move endorsed by supportive client feedback received through a targeted market survey. 

After a firm start in the botanical space and with a growing clientele, Phoenix decided it needed to bring highly experienced botanical team leaders into the fold; leaders who shared our client focus and drive for excellence.

Long-time colleagues and respected botanists Drs Grant and Grace Wells had been running their own successful consultancy for 10 years and seemed the perfect fit. In early 2015, Phoenix acquired their company, which was an excellent decision that has seen the business grow stronger and more diversified. 

The story continues…