Vertebrate Fauna

Striking the right balance between science and practicality, the Phoenix vertebrate fauna team is comprised of career zoologists with intimate knowledge of WA species. The team's manager, Jarrad Clark, is an innovative and problem-solving zoologist who has implemented award-winning survey programs by tailoring survey methods to site conditions and addressing client needs.

Our strategy is to challenge current practice where necessary and strive for practical, robust, site-applicable survey techniques that yield data and conclusions which support effective outcomes for our clients.

Our fauna services include:

  • Baseline studies for EIA - detailed andreconnaissance fauna surveys
  • Desktop reviews, gap and compliance analyses
  • Targeted surveys for conservation significant species
  • Migratory shorebird surveys (aerial and ground-based)
  • Pre-clearance trapping and translocation surveys
  • Fauna and threatened species management plans
  • Monitoring and research programs
  • Development of offset packages

For more information contact Jarrad Clark on
or (08) 6323 5410.

Download our Vertebrate Fauna Capability Statement