Phoenix is an industry leader in targeted terrestrialinvertebrate surveys, including short-range endemic (SRE) assessments. Ourinvertebrate services are led by Section Manager Anna Jacks who has beenconducting invertebrate surveys and research in Western Australia for over 15 years.

Phoenix holds an extensive terrestrial invertebratedatabase, developed over 13 years of field surveys. This corporate knowledge providesadvantageous benefit to clients in being able to evaluate the importance ofrecords from their surveys. We have inhouse taxonomic invertebrate expertise includingmorphological and molecular analysis, as well as close working relationshipswith specialist invertebrate taxonomists.

This collective skillset also enablesus to streamline invertebrate survey projects and avoid taxonomic bottlenecks.

Our SRE and terrestrial invertebrates services include:

  • Desktop assessments (incl. risk-based, habitat assessments)
  • Baseline invertebrate surveys, including short-range endemics (SREs) and broader invertebrate assemblage surveys
  • Pre-clearance surveys
  • Management plans
  • Monitoring and research programs
  • Development of offset packages

For more information contact Anna Jacks on or(08) 6323 5410

Download our SREs & Terrestrial Invertebrates Capability Statement