Flora & Vegetation

It's easy for anyone to find beauty in the bush when wildflowers bloom but, down on our hands and knees in the parched dirt, we botanists also revel in the small, rare and hard to find magic that often grows from nothing in this harsh land. 

Led by Drs Grant and Grace Wells, the Phoenix botany team has broad botanical knowledge and offers a diverse range of services underscored by a reputation for delivering high quality, robust assessments. With particular expertise in survey design and execution, our botany team has comprehensive experience across the majority of WA's bioregions, including thorough knowledge of seasonal conditions and appropriate survey timing. We focus on getting the survey scope and monitoring parameters right at the start, to inform practical, cost-effective management and rehabilitation outcomes. 

Our flora surveys are designed to inform the EIA process and the operational and rehabilitation requirements of the future. We give our clients the information needed for clearing permits, rehabilitation and mine closure planning as part of the baseline investigations.

Our robust quality assurance system and continuous improvement process ensures high quality work standards in the field, laboratory and reporting. Working in conjunction with our fauna team, Phoenix offers a whole-of-ecosystem approach.

Our botany services include:

  • Baseline surveys, Level 1 and 2 flora and vegetation surveys
  • Targeted Threatened, Rare and Priority flora surveys
  • Development of mine closure (site-specific) floristic criteria
  • Pre-clearing surveys for exploration and infrastructure development
  • Vegetation type and condition mapping
  • Groundwater dependent vegetation mapping, monitoring and assessment
  • Native vegetation clearing permit (NVCP) applications 
  • Wetland assessment, reclassification and monitoring
  • Threatened Ecological Community determination and floristic analysis
  • Invasive species mapping and assessment
  • Management plans for significant flora, vegetation and weeds
  • Compliance and rehabilitation plans and monitoring
  • Taxonomic services

For more information contact Grant Wells, Manager, Botanical Services on grant.wells@phoenixenv.com.au or (08) 6323 5410.

Download our Flora & Vegetation Capability Statement