Did you know: Invertebrates make up between 95 and 97 percent of all animal species on Earth. They are the planet's biggest source of biodiversity and can be found on every level of the food chain.

Phoenix is an industry leader in targeted terrestrial invertebrate surveys, including short-range endemic (SRE) assessments. This claim is backed by unmatched field experience in Western Australia delivered by a team that has worked together for 10 years. Our clients reap the benefits of that cohesion and 'corporate memory' through timely project advancement and enhanced environmental outcomes.

Our SRE and terrestrial invertebrates services include:

  • Desktop assessments (incl. risk-based, habitat assessments)
  • Baseline invertebrate surveys, including short-range endemics (SREs) and broader invertebrate assemblage surveys
  • Pre-clearance surveys
  • Management plans
  • Monitoring and research programs
  • Development of offset packages

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or (08) 6323 5410.

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