Jarrad Clark

Jarrad Clark BSc

Manager, Terrestrial and Aquatic Fauna

Environmental science was the only field of study that appealed to me and I was encouraged to follow my heart. No doubt growing up in the Perth Hills, was a big part of that choice. I am constantly looking for better ways to do things and I found everywhere I worked, that desire wasn't valued. So after 5 years in another consulting business I started Phoenix so I had the freedom to pursue development initiatives as they arose and in order to provide better service to clients, the environment and the larger community. Establishing Phoenix was best decision I have ever made; It has been an amazing journey so far, we have gone from strength to strength and I love working with such dedicated and like-minded people.

Jarrad Clark has garnered a reputation (and a Golden Gecko award) for innovation, problem solving and pragmatism in his drive to achieve industry excellence for clients.  In addition to managing terrestrial and aquatic fauna projects for Phoenix, Jarrad wears many hats within the business and is constantly seeking better ways to service clients, empower staff and manage the large amounts of data collected.