Karen Crews

Karen Crews BSc (Hons)

General Manager

My favourite childhood memories are steeped in nature: climbing granite boulders in the wheatbelt woodlands, snorkeling with magnificent marine life at Ningaloo, marveling at towering Karri forests, wandering majestic Pilbara landscapes and remote beaches. Now, as a mother, I love sharing these experiences with my children. It's this love of the natural world that led me to study environmental science. And it's the interesting interface between the fundamental pillars of environment, economic development and social equity that drew me into consulting and the co-founding of Phoenix.

Karen Crews is an environmental scientist with a strong reporting and policy background. She is an exceptional communicator, facilitator and negotiator and plays a pivotal role in overseeing all EIA, environmental management and multidisciplinary projects for Phoenix, ensuring the team consistently delivers timely environmental advice to clients and exceptional reports.