Simon Pynt

Simon Pynt

Like most nature and wildlife

professionals I was bitten by the ‘bug’ at a young age. Though I never

consciously specialised in any particular group of fauna, during my final year

of uni (Sci. maj Zoology, UWA, 2006) I was competent enough with reptiles and

amphibians to get work as a field herpetologist. Back then when asked what I

did for work I proudly boasted “I get paid to do what I used to pay to do.” 15

years later and like most of my colleagues who spend between 2 and 6 months

each year in the field I’ve become passionate and proficient across most

vertebrate and invertebrate taxa in Western Australia.

I’m happiest staring into the bottom of a sieve tray like

I’m waiting for a 3-D magic eye image to reveal itself (searching for tiny,

short range endemic invertebrates), sniffing an unknown scat… or lining up a

camera trap projecting the path of a Northern Quoll as it forages amongst rocky

breakaway country in the Pilbara. I have thoroughly enjoyed the past 2 years working at

Phoenix, with ever busier field rosters and the support of mentors with

decades of experience, I am looking forward to the next few years.