Tim Morald

Tim Morald

I’ve always loved plants

(gardens & gardening) and being outdoors

(nature/landscapes/camping/hiking/cycling/kyaking etc).  I have come

to realise working in natural and restored environments (as a Botanist) is a

not only a great way to nurture these passions, but also plays a vital role in maintaining

my mental wellbeing whilst adding perspective to my

worldview.  Discovery and learning keep me motivated whilst

reinvigorating my passion for Australia’s unique environment. I am resourceful, responsible and an innovative thinker. I enjoy challenges and improving systems.

I have 25

years experience in environmental / land rehabilitation / ecological research fields, including 11 years as technical officer in Alcoas'

Rehabilitation Research Team, followed by 13 yrs as a Research Officer in various

disciplines at UWA (Soil Science, Ecological Restoration, Molecular Ecology),

finally a term as a Closure Advisor at Rio Tinto Iron Ore.