Volker Framenau

Volker Framenau PhD

Invertebrate Zoologist

I am passionate about documenting the biodiversity of Australia`s invertebrates, the `neglected other 97% that run the world`. Phoenix`s commitment to advancing science provides the platform to do this beyond just short-range endemic terrestrial and subterranean invertebrate surveys. Did I mention, I love spiders?

Dr Volker Framenau is one of Australia`s leading arachnologists and has significant research experience in spider taxonomy and systematics, and extensive experience managing short-range endemic (SRE) and subterranean fauna surveys. Volker has been widely published in international scientific journals and authored or co-authored more than 150 reports on terrestrial SREs, troglofauna and stygofauna in WA. Volker provides species identifications and expert technical advice to clients and industry and retains strong links to research institutions.